23 01, 2021

Advice on grooming your cat or dog at home

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Grooming is an important part of pet welfare and wellbeing and should be carried out regularly. Spending time grooming your dog or cat can benefit your own mental health and improve your relationship with them. It is a good idea to start getting your pets used to grooming from an early age.  It’s also a [...]

23 01, 2021

Nutritional advice for dogs and cats

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When we think about weight management in pets it can be easy to focus on their exercise routine and how active they might, or might not, be. However, getting them out for their daily walk is only part of it, and in fact what they eat from one day to the next plays an equally [...]

20 01, 2021

Starting your puppy off right!

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If you’ve recently got a new puppy, you may be wondering how to give them the best start to life. According to Dogs Trust, the first four months of a puppy’s life are crucial. It is when they learn what to make of all the things they experience in the world. Problems can arise when [...]

6 01, 2021

Metrovet COVID-19 (Coronavirus) January 2021 Update

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Following the recent ‘stay at home’ and lockdown orders issued on 4th January 2021, we are continuing to offer a full a range of services for our patients, whilst adhering to COVID-19 safety guidelines. As a practice, we have adopted a contactless approach to appointments. We will continue to provide the same high-quality services with [...]

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