Flea Prevention

Fleas are very undesirable parasites which feed off our domestic pets They are very common and if you don’t do something about them they will infest you pet and your home.

For the long-term health and wellbeing of your pet and your family, it is essential that you routinely use proven, preventative treatments against the most common parasites throughout your pet’s life. Remember that prevention is much easier and cost effective than cure.

Fleas can cause enormous problems to pets by spreading worms and other diseases causing itchiness, irritation and in some cases resulting in severe allergic reactions. It’s also very embarrassing when they start biting your human guests at dinner parties!

Flea and Worm Treatment For Your Dog - MetroVet in Wood Green LondonFleas don’t just live on your animals, they breed in carpets and furniture and easily take over the home. That’s why at MetroVet we will give you advise on the best products to use and how to use them to minimise the problem. We have a number of very good products to suit different pets and owners.

Although fleas are small, they can make your pet miserable. Once on your pet, fleas can bite every 5 minutes leaving your cat or dog itchy and uncomfortable. You only need to bring one flea inside your home to start an infestation. One female flea can produce enough eggs to quickly escalate the problem in your home.

To achieve optimal flea control, preventive treatment should be provided throughout the year. If you are unfortunate enough to get a flea infestation on your pet and in your home we are always available to give thorough advice on how to eliminate the problem effectively and safely.

Fleas, worms and other parasites can be caught at parks local to MetroVet.

Parks are a breeding ground for parasites, especially in the warmer months from April to October. As a pet owner, you do not want to deprive your beloved pet of the chance to make friends, and you certainly do not want to limit the opportunity to be outside. But, if it seems like all the other pets are itching, scratching and playing with slugs and other parasite carriers, what is a pet owner to do?

Save on your pet’s essential healthcare costs

MetroVet offers a Pet Health for Life plan, which gives your pet the very best in preventative health. Being a member of the Pet Health for Life provides exceptional value in caring for your pet. The exclusive additional offers, at 10% discount across the board, help keep your pet in perfect condition and are only available to Pet Health for Life members. Join today online or call us for more information.

Don’t live in fear of parasites, every year we help hundreds of pet owners just like yourself have a parasite free pet. Not only will you save money in veterinary costs but you will give your pet the quality of life they deserve.