Unfortunately our pets can’t just tell us when something’s not right. That’s where we come in. Whether you have an immediate health concern for your pet or just want a check-up, we are here to help.

Whether it’s your first visit to MetroVet or you’ve been here before your pet will need an initial consultation to establish whether there are any issues that need attention.

We highly recommend regular check-ups to help keep an eye on your pets, health, aging and hopefully catch any signs of illness in the early stages. A health check is included in all annual vaccinations and any issues you may have can be discussed with the vet.

Consultations can be used to investigate specific symptoms or injuries you may have noticed in your pet, or as a general health and wellbeing assessment when you register your pet with us for the first time. If you have a new kitten or puppy who needs a microchip, we’ll book them in for a consultation to check them over first.

One of our highly trained and experienced vets and nurses will welcome you into a private consultation room. We will ask you for any information that may be useful; like changes in your pet’s behaviour or eating habits. If your pet is already registered with us, we’ll also review their medical records and history. We’ll then conduct a thorough physical check of your pet, concentrating on any particular areas where you may be concerned there’s a problem.

These are the top things we’ll be taking into consideration when we meet with you and your pet:

  • Your pet’s dental health
  • Protecting against fleas
  • Effective worm control
  • Is a vaccination due?
  • Is your pet insured?
  • Microchipping (compulsory for dogs)
  • Diet & feeding
  • Is your pet the right weight?
  • Pet behaviour
  • Repeat prescriptions

Please contact us if you have further questions about the subjects above.

If the initial consultation reveals any cause for concern, our vets and nurses will agree next steps with you. This could include medication, x-rays, referral to a nurse clinic, or further investigation. We’ll keep you informed every step of the way.

Please contact your MetroVet for information on the cost of a consultation for your pet.

Unable to come to the practice?Online Video Consultations -MetroVet in Wood Green

If you’re unable to visit us in practice, we may be able to help remotely. We can offer a consultation by telephone and video. Your appointment will be with one of our highly qualified vets who will give you the same time and level of detail as you would expect in practice. In many cases we can make a diagnosis and prescribe medication if necessary. If we’re unable to reach a satisfactory conclusion by telephone and video then we may need to physically see your pet; either as an emergency or at a follow up appointment which we can book for you there and then.