22 11, 2020

Senior Pets Physiotherapy

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There are a variety of complementary treatments available to help our senior pets, one of these being physiotherapy. Below we take a closer look at physiotherapy as a therapy and the benefits it can have for your pet. What is physiotherapy? Physiotherapy is a hugely beneficial discipline in helping manage senior patients, especially those who [...]

22 11, 2020

Antibiotic Awareness Week

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Supported by the World Health Organisation (WHO), Antimicrobial Awareness Week aims to increase awareness of global antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and to encourage best practices among clinicians, policymakers and also the public to avoid the further emergence and spread of drug-resistant infections. Antibiotics have had an incredibly positive impact on human healthcare, animal health and animal [...]

21 11, 2020

Focus on Osteoarthritis in Dogs

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With the onset of colder weather, certain conditions that affect our pets can start to worsen. One of these conditions is Osteoarthritis (or OA for short) and below we take a closer look at the disorder and what can be done if your dog is diagnosed with it. What is OA? Osteoarthritis is a disorder [...]

15 11, 2020

Exercising your pet in the house during colder months

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As the weather gets colder, you and your pet may be spending more time indoors on the sofa. The lack of exercise can have a negative impact on the physical and mental wellbeing of both you and your pet. With ongoing limitations to outdoor activities because of COVID-19, knowing how to keep your pet fit [...]

15 11, 2020

Road Safety Week

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From 16-22 November, it is Road Safety Week in the UK. This week aims to inspire the country to take action on road safety, promoting lifesaving and awareness around speeding. When walking your dog, you should be extra careful, especially around this winter season. For more information on how to make sure your dog can [...]

4 11, 2020

Holiday Opening Hours 2020

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With the holiday season around the corner and so much uncertainty, we wanted to ensure we had our opening times for the festive period in place for you. See below our opening times over the festive period. Christmas Eve Christmas Day Boxing Day 28th December New Years Eve New Years Day 8:30am - 7:00pm CLOSED [...]

1 11, 2020

Metrovet COVID-19 (Coronavirus) November 2020 Update

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We can now offer additional services for our patients, while still adhering to COVID-19 social distancing rules. Any additional services we can offer will depend on a risk assessment which considers the safety of our clients and teams along with the welfare of your pet. As a Practice, we have been preparing for how we [...]

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