In the event of a “no-deal” Brexit, it is possible that there will be some major changes to the Pet travel scheme. The UK may become viewed as a “3rd Country.” This would mean that further steps will need to be taken. The advice being given by APHA and the RCVS is that we should prepare pet owners that want to travel to the EU after 30th March 2019 should start the process 4 months in advance. This is to allow for a Microchip and Rabies vaccination; 30 days wait; blood test for Rabies antibodies; 3 months wait from date of a blood test before travel. It may also become necessary to apply for an export certificate.

It is quite possible that all of this will be unnecessary, but we are providing pet owners with the correct advice and the choice to make the best decision for themselves. To travel on 30th March, you would need to start the process no later than 28th November. Remember this is only IF there is a no-deal Brexit.

The Government has published further guidance for pet owners on its website.