Dogs, Cats and Rabbits are vulnerable to a range of dangerous infectious diseases. These can suddenly appear in an area and spread from pet to pet causing a lot of distress and heartache

Fortunately vaccines are available for a lot of the common diseases that we see. These are usually combined into a single yearly injection giving you piece of mind knowing and making sure your pet is protected.

At MetroVet, when you see the vet for a vaccination they will give your pet a through health check. This examination is a very important step as it give us a chance to check and advise on all parts of your pets healthcare.

We don’t want to give vaccines unnecessarily so we tailor vaccination courses according to your pet’s age, lifestyle and certain other risk factors.

Unlike immunisation in people, it is essential to get your pet vaccinated annually as some of the vaccines only last a year. If you are late you may have to start your pet’s course all over again – adding extra cost to your preventative healthcare programme. For this reason that we send all our clients regular reminders through the post, text or e-mail when vaccines are due.