Spay and neuter sign with puppies in box

At MetroVet we cannot stress enough the importance of neutering your pet. There are many benefits both to your pet and to the wider population of cats and dogs.

  • Unneutered male cats have a much increased tendency to fight. This exposing them to a some very nasty and often fatal diseases spread by fighting. It also is a major cause of abscesses and injuries which will require frequent trips to the vet
  • Unneutered male dogs can are more susceptible to a range of medical problems, for example prostate cancer
  • Unneutered bitches and female cats are more susceptible to life threatening infections and mammary cancers

As well as all these problems for the individual pet, the charity shelters around London are full of unwanted kittens, puppies and adult animals, the result of uncontrolled breeding of unneutered animals. Many of these have to be destroyed through lack of homes.

Neutering your pet is your chance to help them and all these unwanted animals.